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In this context, the major brands seeking a breakthrough, to seek greater development to ensure benign and healthy development of enterprises. Anne shoes bran vans high tops d and Anne brand as Guangzhou Daphne shoes industry limited its of strength brand is one of, has 20 years of history, set shoes of development, design, production, and sales for one of full system, employees has 20,000 name, annual output value over 380 million; has international top operations team, headquarters 10 article line, 50 article line, quality of resources and team, for joined shop of success do has prepared. In such a powerful strength, Annie shoes are better able to develop their own, quickly adapt to market demand, makes brands more healthy development! In the context of strong, Annie's precise location but also for its development in the right direction. Anne brands to high-end women's shoes for the city

Field location for 20-to 40-year old urban tailored ladies fashion, personality, luxury women's shoes, from product and brand culture reflected in their love life, the pursuit of quality of life and enjoy the perfect life attitude. Brand concept of fine shoes and hit the women's hearts, much-favored them, and based on the diary of Anne Frank as the source, to preach peace as the Foundation, many people who lived through the war years being moved, more people are now young women worship in times of peace, plus for Anne brand. Annie shoes brand shoe fashion show, Annie footwear brands to speak with impressive performance, over more than 800 stores nationwide, and over across more than 30 different cities, sales continue to refresh and store business is hot. Luyao, Annie shoes brand over a long period of steady development

, Not only recognized by the market and investors, also enthusiastically reported by the mainstream media!, Google not only has Baidu, Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Yahoo, also Anhui TV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, salon and other media support. In zhongxingpengyue, we also believe that Anne brand beyond the "Daphne" corner! 2014, China leather industry the after the rain-l vans rata vulc ike, ushered in "bamboo, the sudden surge in three years." And some brand new VI/SI release, signing new brand endorser as well as strategic depth cooperation hand in hand CCTV and other major moves, high visibility quickly in order to win much attention both inside and outside the industry; some brands but low-key line "high profile" quality, continuously integrate their own resources, "created in China" behind the product manufacturing concepts adhere to and promote win-win enterprise culture and

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Improved ability to service its debts and indirect financing. For the company's development, said He Jianfeng due to adjust offline store size, compared with first-half operating income growth slowed, further adjustments will be online and offline channels, developing e-commerce channels, but for the last 2 years e-commerce channels will not be the largest sales cha vans half cab nnel. Data... [Read More]

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Industry trends, Oswego shoe "fast fashion category" fit the development model of cons vans era umer demand trends, market trends, trends in brand competition. For example: first, a new generation of enormous changes in consumer attitudes of mainstream consumer groups, tend to mature and rational, focusing on brand and product cost. And the most popular products on the market, from... [Read More]

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